At Innovative Turf Solutions in Tyler, we offer a critical soil profile modification service called top dressing. Top dressing is needed on high school football fields, soccer fields, baseball fields, softball fields, driving ranges, and golf courses. Top dressing involves the application of a thin layer of sand or soil uniformly across the playing field to develop stronger, healthier soil properties.

Top dressing controls thatch build-up and promotes safety on your playing field. Don't overlook this important element of field management and renovation. At Innovative Turf Solutions we stress the necessity of top dressing for our clients and offer affordable, effective services throughout Tyler, Texas and the surounding towns. 

Our team understands the complexities soil and turf management thanks to our long history in the industry. Whether your playing field suffers from poor drainage, heavy thatch build-up, compaction, or other issues, we’ll recognize any existing issues and apply the correct materials to ensure a positive change in your soil profile. Soon, your team will reap the benefits of a more attractive, functional playing field that your competitors will envy.

Top dressing should be done once or twice a year when grass is actively growing. With these frequent applications, a field will look better, stay healthier, and live up to your team’s expectations. For more information on Innovative Turf Solutions’ top dressing services, contact us.

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