Our team utilizes an exciting new technique for field management and renovation known as fraze mowing. Fraze mowing has spread in popularity throughout Europe and has only recently been introduced to the United States as a novel method for ensuring a smooth, desirable surface for a wide range of playing fields. Our team applies our long history of experience in field management and our equipment expertise to provide fraze mowing for your team’s playing field.

Whether your field is in Dallas, Houston, or anywhere in Texas, we can come to you. We want the world to see the benefits of our field renovation strategies. 

What is Fraze Mowing?

Fraze mowing is a new mowing technique spreading rapidly throughout the United States. As fraze mowers, the team at Innovative Turf Solutions will remove the top layer of thatch and organic matter with specialized equipment.

Fraze mowing makes old methods like verticutting wholly unnecessary, allowing roots, stolons, rhizomes, and other elements of your turfgrass to stay healthy while remaining incredibly attractive. As a result, it has become an incredibly popular field renovation technique for golf courses, soccer fields, football fields, and more.

One of the most important benefits of fraze mowing is improved infiltration of your soil. This means more water will sink into your soil, and soil testing will find better oxygen content. Through fraze mowing, your field will accept water easier and stay healthier in the long run.

Fraze mowing can be performed on a seasonal or yearly basis and promises to deliver noticeable benefits on your playing surface. Soon, fraze mowing will be the most common technique for field management practices, thanks to both its relative cost-effectiveness and its numerous benefits to both aesthetic appeal and field functionality.

To learn more about the fraze mowing technique and how Innovative Turf Solutions can provide your playing field with this groundbreaking field renovation solution, contact us today.

    After fraze mowing we recommend top dressing the football field. This provides many benefits to the overall quality of the grass and gives a more level surface.                                           

                                            FRAZE MOW & TOP DRESS                                                                                                  2 WEEKS LATER

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