At Innovative Turf Solutions of Tyler, Texas we make use of new technologies and techniques so playing fields can look and perform better. We have a long history in maintaining athletic fields and we're proud to run the only team of professional contractors in East Texas that offer our unique services.

Through the use of a new field management option called fraze mowing, we can take a quarter of an inch to two inches off the surface, leveling it and making better water intake and drainage. Other techniques for field renovation, like verticutting, are a way of the past. Verticutting breaks up the organic build up called thatch, while fraze mowing completely removes the thatch layer. When you treat your field with fraze mowing, you promote grass growth straight outward as it should.

As long-time experts in field management and renovation, we love the opportunity we get to share our knowledge with our communities, school districts and even homeowners.

Backyard putting greens are becoming a big hit for many homeowners. You can bring the fun of the golf course to your own backyard and we can even create a sand bunker for you. Learn more and see pictures on our Residential Turf page.
Artifical turf is a clean and beautiful option we offer to anyone in the East Texas or DFW area of Texas.

Thanks to our long history in the world of golf, we understand turf management like none other. Our family has 18 years ofexperience making golf courses and sports playing fields look and function better than ever. Contact us today for a quote.

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